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Foreign Information

Welcome to Herondina School! We are a public school maintained by the city of Florianópolis/SC, located in the Ingleses neighborhood. A place that today is the largest neighborhood outside the central area of the city. In our institution we offer elementary education (6 to 14 years old) in the regular modality in the morning and afternoon. At night, the school offers elementary education, but in the form of Youth and Adult Education (EJA), for young people, adults and seniors outside of school age.


To request the enrollment of students, it is necessary to contact the school secretary/school’s office to check the availability of vacancies through the following contacts:

Phone | +55 48 32693091

Whatsapp | +55 48 32693091

If the school has a vacancy, the student's family must present:

Official student document issued in Brazil;

Official document of the father, mother or relative responsible for the student issued in Brazil;

Proof of residence issued within a maximum of three months, proving that the family already resides in Florianópolis/SC;

Copy of the vaccination card or declaration of vaccination discharge issued by the basic health unit;

Student's school record. If this document is from a country with an education system that is very different from the Brazilian one, it will be necessary to present it translated.


Elementary education in Brazil consists of 9 years. The student can enroll in the 1st year if they are 5 years old and complete 6 years old by March 31 of that year.

At Herondina School, students will participate in classes in Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History and Physical Education in all school years. From 1st to 9th grade of elementary school. In the subjects of Arts and Foreign Language, the school has the following organization:


1st year/grade: arts = music classes;

2nd year/grade: arts = theater classes;

3rd year/grade: arts = dance classes;

4th year/grade: arts = music classes;

5th year/grade:  arts = theater classes;

6th year/grade: plastic arts classes;

7th year/grade: arts = music classes;

8th year/grade:  arts = theater classes;

9th year/grade: plastic arts classes.

Foreign Language:

1st year/grade: English classes;

2nd year/grade: English classes;

3rd year/grade: Spanish classes (from 2022 onwards);

4th year/grade: English classes;

5th year/grade: English classes;

6th year/grade: English classes;

7th year/grade: English classes;

8th year/grade: English classes;

9th year/grade: English classes.

The complete school curriculum in Portuguese can be accessed on the following link:



The Herondina School provides emails, phone and Whatsapp numbers so that students' families can communicate with the school. All contacts can be found here on the school's website in the links: Team and Contacts (Equipe e Contatos).

In addition, each year/series/class has a Whatsapp group. It is a closed group and only the school administration sends out communications. In this space, all information about activities and events that take place at the school are displayed. In case of doubt, family members must send a message in private to the school's Whatsapp.

The school also offers an exclusive Whatsapp group for fathers, mothers and relatives of foreign students. In this environment, translated communications are published whenever possible. This is an open group, which enables interaction between family members, so they can help each other. For example, someone who did not understand a communication sent in Portuguese by the school can ask for help in this group. Anyone who knows Portuguese can write, explain and help another family.

If you are a foreigner and have a son or daughter already enrolled at Herondina school, you can join this group by clicking on the following link:



As a result of the pandemic of Covid-19, the school is offering two teaching and learning modalities:

Hybrid teaching: In person and remote at the same time. The students have in person classes at school during one week and remote classes during the other. When they are at home, they do activities and continue their home studies. Students of this modality are divided into two groups: A and B. To know the class schedule, just click on the following link: http://www.escolaherondina.net/2014/01/blog-post_2748.ht 

Remote teaching: Students study entirely from home, carrying out activities on the school's educational portal, in printed handouts and attending classes online through the Google Meet app. Every week the school publishes a schedule with the online classes that will be taught.

The father, mother or relative responsible for the student must sign a disclaimer indicating which modality he/she will participate in. This term can be requested at the school office, and even by the school's Whatsapp.

During the school year, the family member can request a change of modality. This must be requested at the school office at least seven days in advance.

To find out which group the student is in, just click on the following link:



Because of the COVID pandemic, students are not attending in-person classes every day. In Brazil, there are public policies for school feeding to prevent malnutrition and the emergence of diseases due to poor nutrition and hunger that plagues part of society. Therefore, every month the city of Florianópolis delivers basic food staples/baskets and food kits with meat, bread, and produce items to students who need it.

The school regularly carries out an online registry of families that need this help. If you have not yet received this message for registration and need it, you can request the registration via the school Whatsapp.

The delivery is made once a month. On the day of the delivery, the school publishes on Whatsapp the time and the list of eligible students. The family member responsible for the student must go to the school in person with a document with a photo to receive the basic foot staple/basket and food kit.


                                                                      Portuguese to English translations made by 

teacher Tatiana Rocha de Souza, who has

been working at Herondina School since 2013.


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